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Welcome to our blog archive page. 

Below are links to some of our best blog posts, according to comments by our readers. They've now been converted into full-fledge pages on our site. 

As you know, regular blog posts on RSS are here today - gone tomorrow

So we've taken some of our best blog post ideas, converted them into ever-green webpages, and made them a permanent part of the site.   

Many of our blog post ideas come from the research we do for other pages and articles, while some are editorial commentary on travel-related news, places, or events.

But each post originates with the desire to keep you, our readers, informed and entertained, based on our mutual love of travel.

We hope you enjoy these now 'permanent' articles.

Archived Blog Posts

Germany - old and new

Guide Books vs. the Web - Which is Better?

Are travel guide books too old-school? [Or can you still use them to plan an overseas trip?]

[new post]

Irish Eyes Are Always Smiling

Traversing the Emerald Isle

Visiting Ireland – the Emerald Isle – is so much more than an overseas trip. It’s a journey into your heart and soul.

Madurodam Airport

International Layovers -
 Are They Anything But Boring?

Can an international layover be less than tedious – maybe even fun? A bunch of airports think they can.

Miniature Madurodam Buildings

Deciding Where to Travel

Choosing where to travel can be hard. But once you make your choice, your trip becomes real.

Spring Flowers in Keukenhof

Have a Travel Phobia? 
You’re Not Alone

A travel phobia can be mild or severe. But when you suffer from fear of flying, you often suffer in silence.

South Pediment

Mobile Medical Apps: 
Stay Healthy on Your Overseas Trip

Mobile medical apps can save your health and your trip. Use these to stay healthy on the road.

Relaxation Spa

Choose a Luxury Spa at a Value Price

Is a luxury spa the only way to get first class spa treatments? With the right value-priced spa, you may not see a difference.

Flags in Amsterdam

Protect Your Online Electronics 

How to protect your machines and online data when traveling overseas.

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