Mobile Medical Apps That Keep You Healthy When You Travel

When planning your trip overseas, it's always wise to include a review of mobile medical apps developed especially for travelers. 

It might make the difference in staying healthy on your trip, or wasting your time and money dealing with a healthcare emergency overseas,

Seasoned travelers understand that a vital part of your travel prep is making sure you’re physically fit and in good health for the rigors of your impending adventure.

After all, who wants to spend their hard-earned vacation time hunting for a Doctor [who may or may not speak your language] to find out what ails you?

If you’ve ever become sick in a foreign country, you immediately know you’re at a medical disadvantage. 

You don’t know the language, you don’t know the system, you don’t know local drugs or their reactions, and you may not know what’s wrong with you.

But what if you had your personal physician’s assistant ready, willing, and able to help, right in your own pocket?

Well that’s what mobile medical apps can do for you, whenever you’re traveling, working, or living overseas and find yourself facing a healthcare crisis, or in need of professional help to deal with a medical emergency.

The South Pediment

Trusted web-source, WebMD, has come to the rescue with a medical app for your Android, iPhone, and iPad that can ease the pain of being sick when traveling outside the realm of your personal physician and familiar medical facilities.

On this app, you can check your medical symptoms, access data on specific health conditions, search prescription drugs and their side effects, find tips to help with first aid emergencies, identify pills for prescription and otc meds, and perhaps – most importantly – find doctors, hospitals, clinics, and pharmacies where you’re located [US only].

Check the newest feature of this reliable medical app, which lets you personalize and save your own health information right on the app.  [Free - iTunes Store**]

A Mobile Medical App Reminder

Do you ever forget to remember to take your prescription meds?

Well, even if you’re johnnie-on-the-spot at home, when it comes to pill-taking while traveling, distractions can easily make you forget what to take when.  

A medical reminder app from U.S. pharmacy, Walgreen’s, [RxmindMe Pre-scription/Medicine Reminder and Pill Tracker] can help with that.

While you focus on sightseeing, attractions, hotels, and getting around, you needn’t worry about forgetting to take your meds. 

Before you travel, record the names of your prescriptions [or choose from the built-in database] with the times you should take them.

You can also set this mobile medical app to remind you when prescriptions are due for refill and access a photo image of medications, just to be sure.

If you’ve ever had to fill a prescription overseas, think of the words you won’t need to know in the local foreign language.  Just click your phone and show them a picture!  [Free – iTunes Store**]

Your Ultimate Carry-Along Physician

For the best in on-the-road medical security, join up with International SOS.  The healthcare mobile app developed by this global organization is essential for anyone living or working overseas, or traveling on an extended basis.

While membership with the organization is required [international companies often join for the benefit of their employees], this mobile medical app will pro-vide access to their nearest international assistance center in just one click.

From medical advice to local security alerts, International SOS partners with travelers to help with medical or security threats, emergency medical care, Dr. referrals, assistance with medications, and locating accredited physicians, hos-pitals, and pharmacies. 

They also offer support in emergency situations regarding loss of travel funds or documents, medical evacuations, and pre-trip requirements for safety, medical, and travel-risk issues.

For individual travelers, when you’re planning travel to areas with limited medical facilities and doctors, common sense dictates you avail yourself of International SOS membership, giving you access to their assistance centers, clinics, and medical providers in more than 70 countries.

If you happen to have a chronic health condition or physical handicap, Inter-national SOS membership can assure you almost instant assistance for locating help, when you need it on the road.  [Download the healthcare mobile app from – Free for Members]

Another Kind of Passport

mPassport is a mobile medical app sponsored by HTH Worldwide, a global insurance carrier that assists travelers in finding quality healthcare services when traveling abroad.

Great for international students, employees working overseas, and individual overseas adventurers, mPassport can help you find medical providers, make Dr. appointments, locate hospitals and pharmacies, find help for emergency services, and translate medical terms and information.

Educational institutions and global employers partner with HTH Worldwide to provide medical benefits for students studying abroad or employees relocated for work overseas. 

These benefits include locating doctors, dentists, treatment clinics, and English-speaking providers.  They also help with obtaining prescription medications [which are often available under a different name] or a valid substitute, if your particular medication is unavailable in your location.

This mobile health app offers a free trial for subscribers and insured HTH mem-bers.  After that, a small fee may be charged. Details at  [App available at the iTunes Store**]

Garden of the Prinsenhof - Old Image

Travel Borders…No Problem

Our final mobile medical app was developed by Patients Beyond Borders for use in case of a healthcare emergency when traveling overseas.

Dubbed TravelEmergency, this app allows you to quickly access information for a healthcare crisis, such as local numbers for police, ambulance, poison control, hospitals, or even the nearest U.S. Embassy.

Other features allow you to translate dozens of emergency phrases in primary global languages, access directions to nearby facilities via built-in GPS, store local and international emergency phone numbers, and alert friends or family members of an emergency situation – all at the touch of a button.

This travel mobile app will assist in finding English-speaking hospitals in 50 inter-national city destinations, including the Americas, Europe, Middle and Far East, Asia, and Africa.

Patients Beyond Borders is a worldwide trusted source for medical travel assis-tance at affordable prices. They’ve helped thousands of overseas travelers find quality healthcare options and select best choices for overseas medical facilities and physicians. 

Their app, TravelEmergency, can help you do the same.  [Free – iTunes Store**] 


** Some of these mobile medical apps are also available from Google Play.

Disclaimer:  This article makes no attempt to influence any personal medical decision, whether at home or abroad.  Suggestions for healthcare mobile apps are provided for informational purposes only, and in no way, serve as medical advice.

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