Your Travel Style
 Can Make or Break Your Trip

What’s your personal travel style?

Do you know? Do you care? Do you even have one?

Regardless of whether or not you think you do, every traveler has their own style of traveling.

You may not have thought about it.

But if you’ve traveled much beyond the limits of the town where you live, you have your own style of travel, unique to your life, your personality, and how you function day to day.

If you have thought about it, then you've probably had a travel experience or two that didn't turn out exactly as you thought it should.

Or one that left you thinking how different you hoped things would be on your next travel adventure.

When you're traveling in known territory - within your own state, country, or region - your travel experiences are pretty much the same as your day to day routine.

Things are familiar. You get around with little or no hassle. You communicate with the natives, never giving it a second thought.

The money you spend looks pretty much as it does, when you buy your weekly groceries.

Beautiful Grand Place Building Built 1698

Out of Your Comfort Zone?

But what if you go outside your customary world and travel to Europe? To Asia? To South America?

Will things still seem so 'normal'?

Will you still feel comfortable chatting up the hotel concierge?  Hailing a cab?  Asking for directions?  Ordering meals?

For some travelers, the idea of winging it anywhere in the world is enticing, exciting, and challenging.

They have little or no fear for how they’ll 'get along', find their way, eat, sleep, or move around their overseas destination.

They look at foreign travel as the ultimate adventure. A test of their ability. A challenge to their personal motivation and self-will.

They know the kind of traveler they are, and they're confident of their personal travel style.

For others, the mere thought of traveling outside their comfort zone sends chills to every nerve in their body.

They feel lost and out of their element, without ever having left home.

They're sure an overseas trip is beyond their ability to control, having no confidence they would be in charge of their own circumstances.

In fact, they'd rather just stay home!

But somewhere in between these travel style extremes [and your personality style] is what most of us feel, when we plan a trip to Europe.

And depending on our level of savvy, our knowledge about where we plan to travel, and our expectations for the experiences we hope to have, we make the decision how to travel Europe - and discover our own travel style. 

What Kind Of Traveler Are You?

The Layers Of Luxembourg Fortress

Before we fall into the trap of deciding whether our travel style determines if we’re a 'traveler' or a 'tourist', or that one is better [more savvy, more ex-perienced, more cultural] than the other, that's not the point of this discussion.

We’ll leave that to those who want to flex their travel muscles to try to prove they’ve done it better, stayed longer, ventured further, and have all the travel answers.

Our purpose is to help you - the regular traveler - whether new to the game or already a round-the-world-adventurer, to discover the kind of traveler you are.

To help you choose the best way to travel Europe and the world, and determine your own travel style.

It's the only way to experience your chosen destination to the fullest and enjoy a great travel experience.

And it’s the only way to return home with the kind of travel memories that fill you with pleasure of a time well spent.

To do that, you must first do your own travel research and discover the options, preferences, and expectations you have for fulfilling your travel dreams.

Your Travel Mindset

It comes down to two pretty basic questions:

1. Do you want to travel on your own, independently charting your own course, on your own time and schedule?

Is your normal routine about taking charge of your life, relishing the details of managing and organizing the circumstances you find yourself in?

Do you thrive on spontaneity? Like to go against the grain, with the freedom to take advantage of opportunities as they arise - or create them when you choose?

Do you want to build your own European itinerary, choosing independent travel packages to combine with side trips, day tours, hotels, events, and locations off the main tourist route - and do it all on your own schedule?

2. Or, would you prefer to leave the planning, the details, and the decisions of your travel to someone else?

Do you prefer to go with the flow, without thought as to the mechanics of a situ-ation, but happy with the outcome, as long as someone else takes care of the finer points?

Are you content to follow the lead of guides by participating in group tours and escorted vacations to Europe or around the globe?

Are you comfortable meeting a defined travel schedule?

Are you satisfied with someone else choosing what you’ll see, where you’ll stay, and when you’ll eat, in order not to have to figure it out on your own?  

University Spires of Cambridge

Well...if you’re a do-it-on-your-own kind of traveler, then you’re pretty much set.

Choose your destination, do some research online, create a travel plan with a few reservations, and off you go.

This is not necessarily a simple process. Many decisions must be made, both in planning your trip and while actually traveling on your own, than becoming part
of an escorted group tour.

But the payoff is huge:  a more personalized travel experience!

On the other hand, if your level of travel comfort is to participate in a prearranged guided tour and have your travel dreams fulfilled by just seeing and being in your travel destination...

If you can create your ultimate travel memories through a less 'hands on' approach and a more general experience of what you see and do...

If choosing a group tour planned and hosted for a middle-of-the-road type of adventure is your chosen plan for travel in Europe, then you’re in luck!

You can feel comfortable knowing there are hundreds - if not thousands - of pre-planned European hosted and guided tours to choose from.

Your job is to find the best guided European tour that's a perfect fit for your travel style.

No matter what personality you are, traveling through Europe – or anywhere overseas - is one of life’s great adventures.

You guarantee yourself the trip of your lifetime, if you choose your travel to suit both your comfort level and your travel style.

To do otherwise will likely result in a trip you won’t enjoy.

For more information on how to travel Europe, check these articles:

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Independent Travel lets you travel Europe on your own – but not alone. Use European package vacations to take the scary out of traveling Europe without a group.

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Travel Tip

Many travelers choose escorted group tours because they enjoy the fellow-ship of other travelers. Or they feel they may need help with the barriers of foreign travel, like language, culture, and unfamiliar lifestyles. By default, they leave the planning, details, and outcome of their trip to someone else.

More intrepid travelers prefer a more hands-on approach. They want the freedom to choose their own way, the flexibility to change plans, and the option for chance encounters, that will give their adventure more depth, meaning, and 'realness'.

Whichever kind of traveler you are, embrace your travel style to the fullest. You’ll reap a lifetime of fabulous travel memories.

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