Should You Buy Travel Insurance
For Europe?

Deciding whether or not to purchase travel insurance for Europe can be a difficult choice.

Not only is quality healthcare readily available throughout Europe, the level of care is little different from what you get at home.

Doctors and hospitals are easy to find. There are few locations in Europe so far off the beaten path that quality medical care wouldn't be accessible.

If you've thought even a bit about buying travel insurance for Europe, you've quite possibly reasoned it may be an unnecessary expense.

A place you can save your precious travel dollars to use when you’re actually in Europe.

At least, that's the rationale a certain segment of European travelers use when considering whether or not to buy travel insurance for Europe.

The reasoning goes: 'Rather than spend my money on insurance for my European trip, why not chance it and use the money for something more fun...?'

Or, 'Why shouldn't I expect traveling in Europe to be much the same as my daily life at of catastrophes, what ifs, and minor inconveniences?'

Building Art In Brussels

The problem is, when you're traveling in Europe, you're not at home.

Luggage and carry-ons get lost...

Flights get delayed and cancelled...

Passports go missing...

Tickets and funds get stolen...

And even the smartest of travelers forget to look right when crossing the street in London!

So, how do you answer the question: Should you buy travel insurance for Europe?

And is doing so, the best value you can get for your travel dollars?
Or is it simply smarter to take the chance that all will go well, as Europe travelers often do?

The answer is already in your own psyche:

How much of a gambler are you?

Travel Insurance For Europe Protects More Than Health

As we previously stated...if you're reasonably healthy and plan to travel a non-risky Europe itinerary...and purchase travel insurance to cover the basic needs of your health, possessions, and flights, you can expect to pay around 5%-7% of the cost of your trip for overseas travel insurance.

Remember, the medical insurance you have at home [in the States], is seldom valid once you leave U.S. soil.

So, if you feel spending this small percentage of your travel funds is not worth protecting your health, your money, your luggage, and your trip, then ask your-self these questions:

  • Do you have sufficient financial resources to pay out of pocket for the service of Doctors and medical personnel, or even an unexpected hospital stay, without buying travel insurance?
  • Do you have resources to pay for a return flight home, different from your already purchased ticket? [This usually means a full-fare ticket, purchased for immediate travel.] If you were injured, could you cover  the cost of emergency medical evacuation to get home?
  • Do you have family members at home who are elderly or chronically ill, whose untimely death could cause you to cut short your trip and return home? [Some travelers have been known to purchase travel insurance that covers the possibility of an elderly pet's death!]
  • Will your travel in Europe be solely in or near commercial, metropolitan areas, where healthcare is readily accessible? Or, do you know you can find quality healthcare in the locations you’ll be traveling?
Castle Of The Counts Citadel Above Namur
  • Will you participate in sports or adventure travel activities, that will increase your chance of an unforeseen accident?
  • Are you an older traveler, perhaps with a chronic health condition or limited physical ability? Do you regularly take prescription medication for an ongoing health condition?
  • Do you have friends or family members who could [or would] pay medical bills for you? Would they be willing to travel to Europe to assist you, if you became sick or injured?
  • Could you 'go it alone' in a foreign country, if you were injured or ill. Or, do you have funds to cover the cost of having a travel companion stay with you?
  • Could you continue your trip, if your clothes, electronics, cash, or all of your travel possessions were delayed for days - or lost for the duration of your trip?
  • Could you get yourself home, if your tour operator defaulted and abruptly closed their doors, leaving you stranded overseas with no hotel and no ticket home?

Basic low cost travel insurance for Europe, including package plans known as comprehensive travel insurance, will cover most, if not all, of these possibilities.

Making The Decision For European Travel Insurance

The decision to buy travel insurance for Europe goes well beyond normal health issues and any predilection you might have toward injury or accident.

It also involves an assessment of your itinerary, the available funds you have for potential problems with your health or possessions, and the level of crisis or emergency you’re willing to assume. [And live with.]

Ruins at Castelo de Sao Jorge

Whether or not you decide to purchase insurance when traveling to Europe, you should, at least, consider the possibilities that could occur.

The purpose of buying travel insurance for Europe is protection - for your health, your belongings, your money - and perhaps most importantly, your peace of mind. 

Once you’ve educated yourself and considered the merits of buying or not buying European travel insurance, it will be easier to make an informed decision.

For more information on European travel insurance coverage, please check the following pages:

Learn which International Travel Insurance is most important for your overseas trip, and which coverage may not be necessary.

Trip Cancellation Insurance protects you when you pay up front, but are unable to travel.  Learn which international travel insurance coverage you need, if you have to cancel your trip.

Consider both Trip Interruption Insurance and Travel Delay Insurance for your overseas trip. Travel with peace of mind, for pennies a day.

Buying Travel Baggage Insurance is a smart move to protect your travel possessions. While airlines offer meager coverage, you're only protected for your flight - not your entire trip.

Travel Insurance Cost is determined by what, when, and where you buy.  Always compare European travel insurance plans for need vs. value, and consider comprehensive travel insurance over individual plans.

How to Buy Travel Insurance, where to get it, and who to buy it from.  Beware insurance sellers who can neither advise you, nor explain the pros and cons of travel insurance coverage.

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Travel Tip

Not all travel insurance companies are licensed in every state. To be sure you purchase the best low cost travel insurance, you can, buy it online from an insurance aggregator, like,, or, so you know the coverage you purchase is viable in your state.

Otherwise, if you have a problem or need to make a claim with a company not licensed in your state, you won’t have a case.

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