Insight Travel Guides 

There are Insight travel guides for almost anywhere in the world you want to travel.

With over 300 international destinations, including continents, countries, and cities, Insight guides cover every level and every style of travel.

Published in Singapore, but with editorial offices in Britain, Germany, and the U.S. [and often published as joint ventures with Discovery Channel], Insight guides are known to their readers as detailed and comprehensive, yet 'locally' focused and easy to use.

Relished for their full-color photography and practical travel advice, these award winning travel books offer an ever-growing list of popular travel planning publi-cations.

Birdseye View Of Luxembourg City

Are you looking for a comprehensive Europe travel guide? A classic collection of all things European? 

Then consider Insight's Continental Europe.

This timeless Insight guide takes you corner to corner through all of Europe, sharing the uniqueness of the Euro-continent's past with the best that Europe is today.

While Europe’s history has evolved from countless generations of disparate culture, art, language, and even wars, the Europe of today is bound by it’s collective union and the commonality of its people.

Or perhaps you want a narrower focus for your Europe trip. Maybe you'd prefer to visit just a single country or two. 

There are more than thirty Insight travel guides for individual European countries from Belgium, to Hungary, to Malta, to Wales.

For instance, included in their primary Europe guidebook collection is a series focused on the relatively new countries of what was formerly Yugoslavia: Croatia, Slovenia, and the Czech Republic.

You'll also find a multi-country Baltic State edition, which includes the former USSR countries of Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia.

Insight guides are known for their stunning photography. And this series is no exception.

Along with beautiful photo imagery, you’ll find detailed maps cross-referenced to text; margin notes with color-coded reference sections; and travel tips specific to the area being covered.

Insight City Guides 

What if you’re planning a short trip - or a long weekend getaway - to Europe?

Then Insight City Guides are a great choice. With their rounded spines and compact size, these city-centered travel guidebooks are user friendly and easy to handle on the road.

Amsterdam City View

They highlight the top city sights at a glance, including details for the major interest points, all linked to built-in maps.

There’s also an on-board fold-out map, detailing the best places for food and drink.

With hundreds of photo-graphs, Insight City Guides profile each city's major highlights and famous landmarks, as well as pocket scenes of everyday life.

Local experts provide tips and personal view-points to help you get the most from cultural must-sees in the area.

Simple to use and portable, these smallish Insight travel guides slip easily into a pocket or bag for easy carry.

But for even smaller guides, try Insight Pocket Guides.

This guidebook series is based on 'local hosts' giving personal travel recommen-dations to readers, as they would when speaking with a friend.

Included are full and half-day local itineraries, with specific suggestions for what to do and see referenced on included maps.

The maps are created by local authors, who base their suggestions on the value and merit of a sight, and whether it's worthy of your time to visit.

Also included are essential lists of hotels, restaurants, and attractions, including addresses. Photographs and historical background compliment local travel infor-mation.

More Insight Guides

When planning independent travel, or combining Europe travel packages to create your own personal itinerary, Insight travel guides offer other guidebook series to make your planning job easier.

These guides should be used in addition to the more general travel guides above.

They offer a more specific focus and more detailed suggestions for the areas they cover.

Stained Glass Window - Cologne Cathedral

Insight Smart Guides provide an A-Z approach to travel plan-ning, giving you a range of options, information, and possi-bilities to customize your trip.

They focus on major interna-tional cities throughout Europe, the U.S., and Asia.

Insight Step By Step Guides offer unique local walks and tours in major cities [and some countries] to guide you literally step by step through your own travel preferences for art, architecture, shopping, and nightlife venues.

Insight Compact Guides are just what their name implies: concise, nitty-gritty travel guides, that give you a no-frills way to cover the best sites, routes, and attractions – all cross-referenced to included maps.

These value priced mini-guides are the perfect choice to carry along with you.

Each Insight travel guide series is filled cover to cover with vivid photographs that highlight and visually compliment the included text, maps, and travel data.

With over 500 titled guidebooks, Insight travel guides can be used individually to create a personalized travel plan or in combination with other Europe guidebooks to develop a detailed, customized travel itinerary.

Even when traveling as part of a European escorted vacation, you'll find Insight guides not only give you the knowledge you need to get the most out of your destination, but provide added depth and value to a pre-arranged trip.

With Insight’s Museums and Galleries Guide, their Shopping Guides, and popular Restaurant Guides, finding those special, not-to-be-missed locations, foods, and travel trinkets can help you create the piece de resistance of your European trip.

Whatever your style of travel or type of trip, Insight travel guides will help you uncover the special one of a kind experiences that create unique travel memories!

Insight Travel Guides for City, Country, & Region

The Eternal City

All of the UK

The Baltic States


For more info on choosing the best Europe guidebook, see

Choosing A Good Travel Guidebook Over A Mediocre One, and

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Travel Tip

Insight Guides publish a series of road maps and Fleximaps to help with both planning travel and when you’re on the road.

These are digitally produced road maps, that include city plans, distance indicators, and route planners. They're available for driving in Europe and throughout the world.

Fleximaps are protected by a laminate finish that's scribble-friendly and tear resistant. They include written information, color photos, essential travel facts, plus local tips and addresses.


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