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Finding the perfect travel guidebook to help plan your trip to Europe can often be a mind-numbing chore.

Familiar travel book publishers have become global businesses, marketing their products to a worldwide audience of readers.

Much like the company that manufactured your car, a host of travel guides are now conceived, written, and merchandised for travelers around the globe.

You might recognize the brand. Even the color and style.

But how do you choose the Europe guide to fit your travel perspective from so many different models?

How do you find the best travel book with current, reliable information to plan the details of your overseas trip?

How do you find the best travel book with the information you need to plan your trip from your point of view?

Or does that even matter?

Pulteney Bridge in beautiful Bath over the River Avon

In order to appeal to the broadest worldwide audience, guidebook publishers fre-quently provide a generalist approach to travel information.

Others give you a compilation of tourist board facts and figures, easily found in travel brochures.

But the best travel book can provide you with detailed information with options, and suggestions that will make or break your trip.

So, what criteria do you use to be sure the travel guidebook you choose is the best travel book for you to use for Europe? 

And how do you know the material it contains can provide the tools you need to make your trip successful, exciting, and memorable?

Simple: by reading and reviewing as many Europe travel guides as you can.

It's the first step in your travel planning research. And it's as important to the outcome of your trip, as any decision you make.

How to Find the Best Travel Guidebooks

The Imposing Cliffs of Moher

To find the perfect Europe travel guide, spend some time at your favorite brick and mortar bookstore.

Start by gathering an armful of travel books and Europe guides that catch your eye.

Flip through the chap-ters. Skim the pages. Get to know each book. 

If your first choices don't engage and challenge you to read more, try again with different guides. Con-tinue browsing until you find the perfect book to fit your personality and style of travel.

You'll know it by the words you read and the images you see - how they speak to your hopes and dreams of seeing Europe.

You'll feel simpatico with the suggestions of where to go and what to do: the places that entice you to explore.

You'll connect with suggestions of where to stay and what to to get around.

Finding the best Europe travel guide will take some time and effort. Getting it right is the base point from which you create the rest of your travel plan.

The perfect Europe guide will become your constant travel companion. It will take your experience from ho hum to spectacular!

What to Look For In a Europe Travel Guide

When you're thinking of traveling to Europe - or anywhere overseas - your travel guidebook should lure you in and point you toward the places to visit and the adventures to experience.

It should give you insight and knowledge into the history, culture, art, and archi-tecture of your destination and create meaning for what you see.

It should describe the customs, lifestyle, and geography of your destination, and what to expect from the weather.

Facade of Medieval Canal House

It should include the advice you need to choose where you want to travel.

It should solidify your ideas of things to see and do, and whether or not to include them in your travel plan.

It should show you the possibilities for learning, adventure, and interacting with the locals. It should lead you to your best travel experiences.

The best Europe guide should tell you what not to include on your trip. Things that will neither add to your experience, or are just not worth your time and money.

A great travel guidebook should be as comfortable to read as a favorite book.

The pictures should draw you in, quicken your pulse, and excite you to want to go.

The words should flow effortlessly across your mind, like the novel you can’t put down. 

A good travel book should open your eyes and your mind to what awaits you over-seas.

How else can you find the best way to travel Europe without the help and direc-tion of the perfect travel guidebook?

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Travel Tip

Choosing a Europe travel guide to fit your personal travel style should not be taken lightly. Spend some time to get to know your book. Feel it in your hands.

Will you be comfortable with it in your bag, your pocket, or under your arm while you maneuver for weeks through unfamiliar territory?

Do the words engage you? The pictures excite you? Do you trust what it says and understand its focus?

Choose your guidebook carefully, as you would a traveling companion. After all, your guidebook will be the ultimate travel companion.


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